I felt very overwhelmed while writing my paper because I still didn’t think I knew what my main argument would be, I was still playing around with many ideas and I think that reflected in my draft. A lot of the feedback I received was about the clarity of my thesis and the organization of my thoughts throughout. I knew that would be the case because I myself was iffy about the direction my paper would take. After reading the comments I know that one of the major things I have to keep in mind when I revise is laying out a stronger foundation, and also getting my motives clear to the reader because I know that will help guide their understanding of my groundwork. Hayot explains that working with the “Uneven U structure” will help your writing so you, as the writer, will know “at any given moment where your prose is going and what it aims to do, and you will begin to vary your structure so that the reader follows a developmental rhythm and trajectory that communicates the overall goals of your work” (74) I know my paper has a lot going so far and its very important that I make sure my reader understands the points I am trying to make and the reasoning behind them. I will try to go back to that chapter about the Uneven U and see how I can incorporate some aspects of it into my writing to make sure I communicate with my reader well and improve my structure as well. Although I wouldn’t want to end up confusing myself even more with the Uneven U if it gets too complicated. I will also play around with my structure by adding visual elements throughout my piece, which will be beneficial because I am working with graphic novels. I also would like to attempt to add sections to my writing to organize my thoughts, I will use Hayot’s explanation of “chunking” to help me with this because I’ve never written anything I needed to break into sections. But first, I’ll take a week off and enjoy the holidays as was suggested. Thank you professor :). I’m still currently writing an essay and doing a final for another class and it’s “Christmas Eve” Eve so I think a break is very much needed after that’s over with. A new year will mean a new start in my writing. So until then, happy holidays! See you next year!