Writing this paper has been a struggle. I honestly do feel very passionate with my primary sources because I feel so close to the characters and their narratives. The form of the graphic novel is unique because of the addition of the visuals, the concept of a parallel story within the panels and the gutters, and the purposeful layout of every page. I find myself really interested in all these elements that make up the graphic novel. My second sources are credible and informative too but I find myself reading them over and over again trying to find how to organize all the ideas and thoughts. All my sources have a lot of credible information and I want to make sure I use it correctly in order to improve my own argument. Walk’s “Motivating Moves” have helped me organize my thoughts and guide my writing. I go back to my motivating moves and remember what my purpose for writing is, then I think about how my writing will reflect my motivating moves and what else I need to do to ensure my motivating moves come across to the reader. Also, I’m really interested in the subject of liminality¬†but I’m not sure if it should be my main focus when writing about Fun Home and Persepolis¬†or if it should just be one idea I present briefly. I don’t want to seem like a broken cassette if I only talk about liminality, but on the other hand maybe I should because there have not been a lot of sources that view these two works through that particular lens, and if I do it then I will definitely be adding something new to the conversation. I want to write as much as I can to be able to get a really good start on next semester but my organization right now is not helping me.